School of Architecture and Planning
School of Architecture and Planning

MIT scholars awarded seed grants to probe the social implications of generative AI

The 27 finalists — representing every school at MIT — will explore the technology’s impact on democracy, education, sustainability, communications, and much more.

Making life friendlier with personal robots

Sharifa Alghowinem, a research scientist at the Media Lab, explores personal robot technology that explains emotions in English and Arabic.

SMART launches research group to advance AI, automation, and the future of work

Mens, Manus and Machina (M3S) will design technology, training programs, and institutions for successful human-machine collaboration.

Day of AI curriculum meets the moment

Global participation in MIT RAISE’s free K-12 program more than doubles in its second year.

Envisioning the future of computing

MIT students share ideas, aspirations, and vision for how advances in computing stand to transform society in a competition hosted by the Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing.

If art is how we express our humanity, where does AI fit in?

MIT postdoc Ziv Epstein SM ’19, PhD ’23 discusses issues arising from the use of generative AI to make art and other media.

Defining the public interest in new technologies

New online journal seeks to seeks to bring together the MIT community to discuss the social responsibilities of individuals who design, implement, and evaluate technologies.

Bringing the social and ethical responsibilities of computing to the forefront

The inaugural SERC Symposium convened experts from multiple disciplines to explore the challenges and opportunities that arise with the broad applicability of computing in many aspects of society.

Using reflections to see the world from new points of view

A new computer vision system turns any shiny object into a camera of sorts, enabling an observer to see around corners or beyond obstructions.

Making property assessments as simple as snapping a picture

The technology of MIT alumni-founded Hosta a.i. creates detailed property assessments from photos.