Jay van Zyl @ ecosystem.Ai


Innovator and entrepreneur in the world of intelligent technology innovation. Currently involved in a number of projects that focus on artificial intelligence and how the human-social dimension is used to produce more reliable predictions through computational social science. Machine learning is used in a number of situations that require effective use of data with supervised and unsupervised related algorithms. Including human behavior, where re-enforcement learning and inference get used, is pushing us into a new realm of research.

The last 20 years: working at the cusp of innovative technology and business models in product design and delivery. Interested in mega-waves of change and how humans transform themselves through cycles of innovation and intelligence. Spent the first half of my career caring about the “how” of innovation, leading up to the completion of my PhD in 2001. The influence of digital and technological inventions on the human, lifted my focus to the “why” humans innovate. Now the focus is to build prediction models that can be deployed into realtime systems.

Adjunct faculty at Henley Business School and California State University.

“Built to Thrive, making your mark in a connected world” was published in 2011 focuses on the social aspects of innovation. The “Process Innovation Imperative” book focuses on innovation in product companies originally published in 2003.

Working with the the “Innovation for Jobs” community in Silicon Valley as the lead analytics partner based at the Stanford Research Institute.

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Selected events:

Presented concepts behind the ecosystem.Ai platform at Finovate Fall 2018 in New York.
Giving some insights into the ecosystem.Ai platform and products in this Africa Ai Expo video.
Digital Officer Africa event presentations on: Putting automation at the core of business transformation, and Artificial Intelligence.
Silicon Valley Innovation Center expert speaker on the topics of machine learning and intelligent automation in financial services.
London AI in Finance event talking on the topic of: Exploring Innovations in Machine Learning and Automation for Financial Services Firms.
Advancing AI Wisconsin, positioning paper and events on AI and machine learning in banking and financial services.
Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, California event on the role of jobs in the world of automation.
Cyber-security event in Los Angeles.
Europe Money 2020 Speaker on the topic of computational social science and the role of algorithmic automation using machine learning. Finding value in how your clients behave.​
Presentation at SIBOS 2015 (40 min marker) in Singapore where I talk about “Value Data” and how algorithms are applied to predict human behavior. Check Peter Van’s blog.
BrightTalk Webcast in London “Machine Learning in Financial Services: Generating insights and staying ahead”.
New York, Speaking at the Banking Innovation Roadshow on ‘Thriving in an Era of Digital Disruption’ and use of intelligent automation.
How Networks of Innovation are used in the modern organization.
A view on why Products and Services are very different in the innovation world.
Early interview discussing the Built to Thrive approach.
Talking about Business Ecosystems.