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5B people are of working age. 3B want a job. 1.3B have one. 13% are engaged. Almost nobody has a job that fits them. Humanity creates a $75T world economy, running at a fraction of its capacity. If everybody had a job that fitted them, everyone would be much happier and humanity would be creating many times more value than today.
Tailored jobs for everyone on planet earth is becoming possible for the first time with high smartphone penetration and new infrastructures like cloud computing and big data analytics. We are at the beginning of a revolution in strengths finding, education, matchmaking, HR and the creation of opportunities in a long-tail labor market.
There is probably a >$100T market for innovations that help 5B people get jobs they love, capitalizing on their unique skills, talents and passions, matching people in great teams doing meaningful work.
Innovation for Jobs: earn by helping others earn better in more meaningful ways.
At the i4j ECO Summit, entrepreneurs, funders, educators, policymakers and other leaders from the innovation-for-jobs ecosystem will be talking shop around the business of disrupting unemployment. We showed how the Gig-economy is shaping a new approach to how people see their world of work.

i4j Graph

The Ecosystem Graph Project (i4j Graph) is an i4j community project for mapping and analyzing the innovation for jobs ecosystem. It is a community tool for pinpointing players and ideas, how they matter and how they connect, for spotting trends and indicators. This workshop covers all aspects of i4j Graph, from aims to technologies, and is an opportunity for innovators and organizations to gain clarity of where they stand in the ecosystem connect.

i4j Ecosystem


In the networked innovation economy, companies reach out beyond their walls to connect to the right people. It’s very difficult to put the whole team under the same roof. Ecosystems are seeping into the organization charts. The mechanistic line organizations are encountering the organic ‘performance ecosystems’. The performance ecosystem comes with a new perspective on jobs and the labor market. Employment is not the only forms of engagement. This workshop will go over performance ecosystems that assist companies to help people get meaningful work and the relations between people who work and the organizations that hire them.

Outline of Analysis

Blog entry of 2015 outlining some of the ideas.