Jay van Zyl @ ecosystem.Ai
Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery

Want to experience new and innovative ideas? My workshops are designed to create an engaging and practical environment where ideas are developed from concept into fully fletched outputs. The workshop outcomes ca be shaped into a fully fletched delivery project that will include key pivot point tests.

Digital Delivery Workshop -> Project:

experience a digital journey through machine learning and automation

Technology can be defined as the collection of methods and tools used in the production of products and services. Innovation is the process by which scientific enquiry can be translated into tangible outcomes for example products and services. These worlds have been closely related as commercial outcomes often drive the agenda in these two worlds. Our digital existence complicates this interplay as various markets, generations of people, and life styles differ across different geographies. Using computational social science and constructivist models, a new view of your customer is described and outlined for intelligent automation that transcends glass, voice and human activities.


The differences between the services and industrial sectors become imminent as we explore the different approaches to how technology has transformed these sectors. Looking into the future we see something much more profound as the changing business models become more efficient. Technological inventions, with a focus on digital technologies, are transforming industries with new platforms of execution that solve many social and human challenges. But humans accept not all these new approaches as employment, and general wellbeing is being reshaped.
Our use of information has increased exponentially over the last 50 years. Using machines to assist with decision-making and execution, raise the bar for all businesses. The concept of sustainability is challenged as new models emerge.

Innovation Idea Development

Business Model Development

Technology Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Implemented

Machine Learning Concepts

Bringing big data and cloud technology into the organization

Network analysis and complex data analytics

Social science and the technologically enabled human