Computer science and technology
Computer science and technology

School of Engineering welcomes new faculty

Fifteen new faculty members join six of the school’s academic departments.

Scientists use generative AI to answer complex questions in physics

A new technique that can automatically classify phases of physical systems could help scientists investigate novel materials.

Using ideas from game theory to improve the reliability of language models

A new “consensus game,” developed by MIT CSAIL researchers, elevates AI’s text comprehension and generation skills.

A better way to control shape-shifting soft robots

A new algorithm learns to squish, bend, or stretch a robot’s entire body to accomplish diverse tasks like avoiding obstacles or retrieving items.

Creating bespoke programming languages for efficient visual AI systems

Associate Professor Jonathan Ragan-Kelley optimizes how computer graphics and images are processed for the hardware of today and tomorrow.

Natural language boosts LLM performance in coding, planning, and robotics

Three neurosymbolic methods help language models find better abstractions within natural language, then use those representations to execute complex tasks.

Mapping the brain pathways of visual memorability

For the first time, researchers use a combination of MEG and fMRI to map the spatio-temporal human brain dynamics of a visual image being recognized.

This tiny chip can safeguard user data while enabling efficient computing on a smartphone

Researchers have developed a security solution for power-hungry AI models that offers protection against two common attacks.

To build a better AI helper, start by modeling the irrational behavior of humans

A new technique can be used to predict the actions of human or AI agents who behave suboptimally while working toward unknown goals.

A crossroads for computing at MIT

The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing building will form a new cluster of connectivity across a spectrum of disciplines in computing and artificial intelligence.