Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (eecs)
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (eecs)

Technique improves the reasoning capabilities of large language models

Combining natural language and programming, the method enables LLMs to solve numerical, analytical, and language-based tasks transparently.

Researchers use large language models to help robots navigate

The method uses language-based inputs instead of costly visual data to direct a robot through a multistep navigation task.

A data-driven approach to making better choices

In the new economics course 14.163 (Algorithms and Behavioral Science), students investigate the deployment of machine-learning tools and their potential to understand people, reduce bias, and improve society.

A technique for more effective multipurpose robots

With generative AI models, researchers combined robotics data from different sources to help robots learn better.

Looking for a specific action in a video? This AI-based method can find it for you

A new approach could streamline virtual training processes or aid clinicians in reviewing diagnostic videos.

Controlled diffusion model can change material properties in images

“Alchemist” system adjusts the material attributes of specific objects within images to potentially modify video game models to fit different environments, fine-tune VFX, and diversify robotic training.

School of Engineering welcomes new faculty

Fifteen new faculty members join six of the school’s academic departments.

2024 MAD Design Fellows announced

The 10 Design Fellows are MIT graduate students working at the intersection of design and multiple disciplines across the Institute.

Scientists use generative AI to answer complex questions in physics

A new technique that can automatically classify phases of physical systems could help scientists investigate novel materials.

Using ideas from game theory to improve the reliability of language models

A new “consensus game,” developed by MIT CSAIL researchers, elevates AI’s text comprehension and generation skills.