Presentation: Emergence of Bank 2.0, Innovation in a new world

Innovation is under scrutiny in the financial services world as global competitive pressures force organizations to rethink their business models and operating environments. Can financial services organizations benefit from innovation? How are the most successful companies using innovation to compete in this fast changing world? How can the incumbents participate in this new world of financial reconfiguration.

Bank 2.0 is a presentation about the new view of where financial services might end up. The cycles and waves of change are forcing the world to rethink the dogma of yesteryear.

This presentation covers some of the important aspects companies need to understand about the ways in which innovation is used to compete in dynamic markets. Some of the topics include:
– The meaning of innovation in the financial services organization. Is innovation responsible?
– A bruised landscape and faulty maps of execution. Useless strategies and broken crystal balls.
– Cycles of disruption and emergent paradigms. The contemporary role of “customer”.
– Social network phenomena and the relationship with financial services.
– Innovation Tools for a new age.