From workshop to action: making innovation work!

At SystemicLogic we’ve developed approaches to get innovation implemented through Reframing. Different situations require different solutions. Innovation should not be trapped in a division, process or some part of the business where its seen as the “solve all our problems” concept. We promote the philosophy where innovation is seen as a cultural initiative that’s underpinned with strong empirical work and integrated systemic approaches (the ecosystem of innovation). There are differences between NPD (New Product Development), Improvement, Innovation, etc.

Consider this cycle:
Reframe -> Reconfigure -> Reframe -> Reconfigure

Sounds simple? Well, it is a lot more difficult than you think. In order to Reframe you will need some of these tools:
– View of the Landscape
– Understanding of Paradigms
– Competence Profiles
Dominant Idea
– Measures and Health Checks

In order to Reconfigure you will require:
Social Networks as Platform for Transformation
– Business Architecture
Innovation Portfolio
Product/Service Platform

These are some tools needed to facilitate the conversations as you progress from that first innovation workshop onto the cyclical actions needed to institutionalize innovation. Financial and other benefits need to be quantified and used to guide initiatives.