Presentation: Built to Thrive and the human innovation imperative

Sustainable and successful organisations explore new frontiers of competitiveness as a matter of doing business. Reframed thinking results in new business configurations being tested and uncharted territories unearthed. This results in businesses renewal activity that impacts the human component of the business directly.

Human Innovation is used as a driver to deliver new growth platforms. What are the new emerging practices of innovation? Can we learn from the history of innovation? How are successful companies using innovation to compete in this fast changing world? Where does human innovation fit in the new business?

This presentation covers four key areas when looking at Human Innovation:
– Capturing value by using emergent Social Networks
– Understanding the Human Eco-system by reading collaborative participative cues
– The drive towards Transparency creates new opportunities
– Forget about talent we need to focus on Managing Genius

These critical questions will be answered through case studies and insights into the latest innovation findings.