Presentation & Workshop: Reframed Innovation on the Horizon

Innovation LandscapeSustainable and successful organisations have the ability to explore new frontiers of competitiveness during challenging times. New business configurations and alternate uses of scarce resources are tested and uncharted territories unearthed. Innovation is used as an approach to drive competitiveness. But, the influence of new technologies and the ability to respond to changes affect the organization’s delivery capability.

Innovation disciplines are used to drive growth opportunities whilst protecting existing platforms of operation. This results in a number of critical questions being left unanswered. What’s involved with the practice of innovation? How are the most successful companies using innovation to compete in this fast changing world? Where and how can technology be used to drive innovation success? What can we learn from these (and previous) experiences?

This workshop has been broken down into a number of topic areas that highlight different aspects of how business renewal can drive performance through innovation and emergence. It brings together the realms of strategy for innovation and the ability to re-invent the business to ensure successful outcomes in this highly competitive and fragile business environment. Social Based Innovation approaches are unveiled and the participant is taken on a journey of reframing…