Waves of change towards a more interconnected world?

Throughout the book you will be introduced to social, networked and interconnected behavior as being critical to a clear understanding of the landscape in which we all exist. This new landscape is showing signs of the ever-nearing third megawave. What has proved to be the real hindrance in understanding change holistically and therefore the appreciation of our placement in the world, is the presentation of change theories that are situation specific. The three megawaves are not set out to displace old theories but to present an opportunity by which to understand the bigger shifts that have transcended all spheres of activity and encompass all of human experience. I try to show this as a superwave to indicate that radical shifts across our understanding of the world are imminent.
What this story has also shown is the increasingly complex nature of developing in an increasingly interconnected world. As we will come to realize, innovating in the modern world is no longer a straightforward affair, it requires knowledge of technologies, lifestyles, habits, individual desire, and most importantly an understanding of the tension between a growing consolidation of technologies and their imminent divergent nature, a concept we will revisit later on. This is partly what has been responsible for the rise of super powers as they develop and conquer, and also what has provided the platforms for some of the most disruptive changes in modern history. But we’ll get to this.