Towards a more socially integrated innovation process

Innovation processes come in various forms and shapes, but there is an overriding view that open innovation based approaches have simplified the concept. In some cases you need gates, funnels, check points, runways, pipelines, fuzzy front-ends, committees, review boards and other concepts to deliver on your innovation approach of choice. But, other times you need the process to be socialised, integrated and imbedded to deliver on your management mandate in a seamless way.

To drive this a process of Create, Rate, Collaborate and Review might just do the trick. Get people to participate through cycles of energy, then rank and rate what needs to be done socially, collaborate with various parts of the organization to get the job done; and finally find the successes and failures to either contribute, learn or avoid. Bring the shadow organization and the formal organization together by allowing ideas to flow freely, innovations to be implemented openly, and the benefits to be visible. Is this form of transparency paving the way for the future organization?