The route to self-publication

Every cycle of review produces the same output. I start to nit pick at the smallest out of context, not well described, unclear text, etc parts of the book. You want it to be perfect, to have the story told in a way that will make sense to the reader. The case studies can never be complete; you always have some extra insight to piece of information that will make the content richer in reasoning.

I started the Built to Thrive project somewhere in 2004. Initially the idea was to create a keynote speech that will take a controversial angle on modern business. And, the more I researched the more the topics of the various elements (of my day-to-day life) started to emerge. Pieces of the book got rewritten entirely and every time I look at it feel that it should be rewritten again.

Wanting to go the formal publishing route initially left me cold and uninspired. My overall intent was to write a “mass market” book where the end-goal is lots of sales. The idea was to have the story told entirely in my way, but still have a good quality product at the end. So, I looked at Lulu and CreateSpace as platforms to take this book to market. I also felt that I needed to retain copyright as the need to freely distribute content from the book will make my purpose behind the concepts more accessible.

Well, here I am about a year later. The book is done, reviews completed, and I’m waiting for the final review copy before approving the print process. Did I misjudge the amount of work involved in this process? Absolutely. Did I misjudge the time cycles and delivery planning? Absolutely.

Will I do it again? You bet.