The role of NeuroLeadership in Customerization

Neuroleadership as a field is emerging and poised as an important component of driving leadership development and organizational change. There is a conundrum though in that the Social Sciences and Neuro Sciences are developed separately. Some integration is taking place as the NeuroLeadership community tries to develop some of the connections.

In the “Customer Centric” world, practitioners are trying to make sense of the role that social networking technologies play and sometime forget about the individual. Consider crowdsourcing for a moment – what is the NeuroLeadership versus NeuroFollowing’s role in making group decisions? I’ve been reasoning that the role of the individual gets amplified in crowds that need direction. In one of my previous posts My take on the “The Myth of Crowdsourcing”, is that the individual has needs, aspirations, etc that are sometimes morphed into the identity of the group. But, more often than not, the individual plays a role more important than what is expected.

Looking at newish communities like The Social Customer, The Customer Collective, Social Media Today, etc you will find an intense focus on researchers trying to understand the “social” aspects and not the “neuro” aspects of human behavior. This recent research reveals once more that certain key communities are emerging as leading social platforms for business users. So, where is the holy grail?

Will we be able to design a new customerized approach where the characteristics of individual, by using NeuroLeadership approaches, and characteristics of the group, Socially oriented approaches, can be combined in a new view for value creation?

Is the NeuroLeadership crowd, just another very relevant crowd, trying to make sense of our complex physical make-up in a world where theorists and practitioners are scrambling for relevance?