Business Model Emergence and the Open Source World

We are running the SystemicLogic Open Source Open Day event today. I’m reminder once again that the focus of Open Source Software is fragmented and misunderstood by many of our clients. The business models used by the various companies that create open source related software are under development and the scope of operation and commercial activity under scrutiny. Based on my recent (high-level) research, the following trend map was created; two major forces are influencing the open source world namely, category of competition and business ecosystem style. The following map presents some examples of open source examples (I will be discussion more products and business models over the coming months).

Competitive Category: Style of delivery and model used in the identification of ideas and development of overall software product. Traditional communities rely on a large following that support its cause.

Business Ecosystem: Open source companies rely on either donor based commercial assistance of designing business models that earn income via support and subscription models. Donor based business models rely on the market to contribute to the community, where commercial business models use a “community edition” version of software.

Where does all of this fit while Google works on Google docs and Google calendar? Can we remove all “running” software from the desktop and become virtual?

The Free Software Movement and Open Source Communities rely on some Free Love from time to time. I’ve found that the open source community is loaded with emotion and social movements.

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