Presentation: Social Based Innovation, human-mashups under emergence

We are living in times of seismic change and accelerated shifts in paradigms. Reframed thinking results in new business configurations being tested and uncharted territories unearthed. This results in business renewal activity that impacts the human component of the business directly. Social shifts result in people looking at the world differently.

Humans are integrated with technology and used as a driver to deliver new growth platforms. What are the new emerging practices of innovation as social networks connect people like never before? Can we learn from the historical successes of innovation? How are successful companies using innovation to compete in this fast changing world? Where does human innovation fit in the new business?

This presentation covers four key areas when looking at Social Based Innovation:
– Where has the customer paradigm taken us as crowdsourcing emerges
– How does the social network affect the human-technology ecosystem
– Using innovation capabilities to drive obsessive execution in the innovation ecology
– Forget about talent we need to focus on harnessing genius

These critical questions will be answered through case studies and insights into the latest innovation findings.