Ecogenetic thinking

Bringing together ecosystem thinking and genetic thinking you have Ecogenetic thinking. A kind of thinking that gets an organization to function like an ever changing living organism. Built to Thrive is a project where I will try and describe the most crucial elements of how the thinking process needs to change to capture untapped value. Value that will result, when used properly, in economic value creation.

Ecosystems don’t go through radical changes unless some external force is applied, resulting in major consequences for all elements in the system. In most cases it is impossible to pre-determine any of these forces, even if you are a futurist with a crystal ball. Changes to the ecosystem are administered by countries for example through legal processes, financial regulation, human rights policies, and a multitude of key drivers that normally affect the operating business and entrepreneur. Larger ecosystems contain smaller ecosystems, where less control is given to the cells that essentially function just to exist.

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