Creativity as a key CEO leadership characteristic

mushroomlamp“CEOs now realize that creativity trumps other leadership characteristics. Creative leaders are comfortable with ambiguity and experimentation. To connect with and inspire a new generation, they lead and interact in entirely new ways.”

IBM CEO C-Suite Report

This is an interesting statement as I believe it is true a characteristic in modern business, as any other key leadership trait.

The goal of strategy is value-creation rather than value appropriation, says Ghoshal. I see value-creation as a positive activity of any business built to thrive, and while notions of value appropriation may serve to enhance our perceptions of strategy, I feel value-creation can be utilized just as effectively when coupled with a powerful business philosophy. Creativity is the mental process used by the executive, end wider employee community, to shape truly differentiating strategies. The goal of business philosophy is to promote new and integrated modes of operation which will see strategy manifest more positively as a result. A company does not merely employ people; it is made up of all the actors involved in the value-creation process, including customers, employees and even competitors. A new conception of the employee-organization relationship needs to be conceived, since the act of value-creation is fast becoming an act of co-operation rather than compliance or obedience.

CEO’s need to be creative about designing and leading their businesses into the future.