A fragile existence and the pursuit of impact

Once in a while people come along that change our perceptions of business, who we want to be, what we can be, and generally what is achievable in a world where we all want to make an impact. I’ve not posted an entry for more than a month now; and as you know there is no excuse… But, after traveling for most of Jan and Feb, I wanted to connect with a friend on my return.

As is customary in my office, my assistant that is highly efficient and really great at getting my life organized plan meetings for me to keep my diary full. Essentially she is my social network energizer. Sidney Bernic is an entrepreneur, social architect and great business mind that I connect with periodically and we share some great ideas; generally discussing topics like “what will change the world as we know it”.

I expected a lunch, breakfast or general get-together and instead got a message from his office to PHONE his office before talking to him. This is strange as we speak about business, personal and other topics generally directly to each other. On this day shortly after my return I received shocking news…

He is in his early 50’s, filled with energy, incredible business acumen, focused on success, a wonderful family man. His office is like a 12 year old’s playground with Disney toys and other great gaming gadgets keeping creativity at its optimal level. I just watched some of the footage we took of Sidney talking of innovation and achievements in business at our innovation conferences – a master at work.

This entry is dedicated to a great mind with a passion for people, innovation and his faith. An individual that is in constant pursuit of purpose! Get well soon, we are thinking of you.

Some reflections:
– There is too little time Not to Pursue Meaningful Activity
– Pursue meaningful relationships and remove those that drag you down
– Reward systems are about the emotional first, and then the financial
– Help others achieve greatness
– Leave a legacy

Check his blog…