Can banks really re-invent banking?

Social banking models are set to create some disruption on the banking landscape. But, can traditional banks solve the “Innovators Dilemma” challenge that is so prominent in the world of changing business models? I have yet to find an alternative to Clayten Christensen’s model/s – it provides clear guidelines as to the landscape issues when trying to re-invent an industry.

Is the innovator’s dilemma also applied to the Service Dominant Enterprise. Largely, Christensen’s model is about tech dependencies and component level disruptions. Service based businesses have entirely different issues to deal with when trying to re-invent a service offering. Are banks trapped in a traditional model of dealing with money? Are they really able to cannibalize their money making machines? Who will cause the disruptions in an industry driving towards consolidation, globalization, local relevance, and strong global legislation riddled business models?

Community money systems – is it the future where we rethink the value of currency?